Cornish pasties, best of British cuisine

A long time ago, my mum told me that the edges were crimped so miners could hold the pasties with their dirty hands to eat, and then the crusts would be thrown away. I love Cornish pasties, but the problem is, the mass-produced, cheap ones taste nothing like the real thing. I hated the plastic-tasting pastry and the bland, poor quality meat of the ones that you buy packaged in supermarkets.

Thus, I would always buy Genuine Cornish Pasty from the cart whenever I am in Waterloo station or arriving at Gatwick to fly off somewhere. Imagine my delight when I found the recipe online, from the Cornish Pasty Association!

As pastry is not my thing, I was slightly apprehensive. But the recipe was easy to follow and tada…..made my own! It was so delicious, the pastry was flavoursome and the filing (despite being just beef, swede, bit of carrots and onions) was so moist, juicy and tasty.

PS: Important thing is to really go over-the-top with (good quality) pepper, as it is the only seasoning, and so yummy when you take a bite and taste the beef and pepper.

Full recipe here:

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