Welcome to my parenting blog, which is a continuation of the parenting book I wrote in 2012, Barefoot in The City – Raising Successful, Free-Range Organic Kids.

I am a mother of five children, and am so very proud of them. They have all grown up beautifully, despite the challenges of modern society. I strongly believe in a more organic and heart-led approach to parenting as opposed to hot-housing children in a pressure-cooker environment that characterises today’s fast-paced world. My curriculum for bringing up children centres on love, happiness, family, strong values, and good physical and emotional health. From this bountiful font, all great things arise (that’s my belief anyway).

I feel blessed that I spend part of the year in Phuket, which must surely be one of the most magical islands in the world. But home for me is always Portsmouth, though I now live in London.

Please do browse through the topics on the right sidebar, or read through the posts (sorted by date) at the foot of this page. I do hope you enjoy my ramblings….but please note that this is merely a blog, not a professional website so don’t expect references etc, just lots of heart.

Love, light, peace, Jacqueline

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