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If you like reading my articles in Huffington Post, my blogs and my Facebook posts, then you would have enjoyed Barefoot In The City – Raising Successful, Free-Range Organic Kids. This book is a compilation of the short stories chronicling the sweet indolent life of our family when we lived in a bustling city. Many parents, teachers and young adults contributed their writing to this simple, much-loved book to make it a truly beautiful work.

Four years on and we now live on the beach. Georgina, our youngest child, turns seventeen. Easy Parenting For All Ages – A Guide For Raising Happy Strong Kids is a consolidation of our thirty years of parenting experience as we take stock and summarise the key learning in this rich and complex subject. Georgina and her father share their insights and perspectives in this book.


It is available on Kindle right now. It is priced deliberately low at U$3.99 for both books totally 480 pages. You do not need a Kindle tablet to read it – you can download the Apps for your PC, Mac and smart phones. A print version will be available via CreateSpace, unfortunately at a higher cost due to printing and shipping.

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