You’ll never know if you don’t knock on the door…..

About a year ago, I came across a really sweet little yoga studio perched on the cliff during my daily runs.


The door was locked on the occasions I ran past (I usually go for long afternoon runs), but one day, I decided to ring the door bell. And here’s the deal: strange things happen in life when you allow them to. The proprietor, Marion, and I became friends.

I would say we are very different character-wise: she’s a gorgeous, elegant and neat Frenchwoman whilst I am, well, English. She mops the floor perfectly attired (dress and apron), whilst I am uh, a lot more casual. But we sailed through some bumps in the course of our friendship and became firm friends – I always say, you know who your real friends are when things don’t go right.  Because you can tell a lot about a person from how they fix things when things go wrong, the words they use and their true character generally.  Anyway, it works for Marion and I.

And although I have no intention of running a yoga business ever again, I am so happy that this summer, I will be teaching at Marion’s. Who knows. It’s simply the loveliest place I have ever known, and I have found lots of peace and spirituality here.

For more information, please drop us a line at You can either train to be a yoga teacher or chill out with us for one week in the South of France in July 2018. It is more affordable than you think! 

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