Resourceful kids

Too many parents are caught in the trap of using up their children’s childhoods to cram ‘knowledge’, facts and know-hows into young brains. Sure, there must be a certain amount of knowledge that needs to be accumulated, but more importantly, children should be taught how to think.
Here’s an analogy – we have unlimited knowledge in the public domain these days. So much. But are we ‘wiser’ as a race of people? Probably not. A lot of the information that is out there is useless.

I believe that the best way to help a child accumulate knowledge is by showing him how to find that knowledge by himself. That way, he learns, whilst accumulating knowledge. And that learning has to be first-hand, in the real world. Because reading about planting bananas is not the same as actually doing it!
And it is only in the real world that children meet their boundaries, feel uncomfortable a bit – and this is the horizon of growth.


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