We Travel, To Come Home








When well-meaning folks say to me, “You must meet this person” or “You must try this restaurant” or “You must take your family to this place”, I just smile sweetly and say nothing, hoping that they don’t follow their suggestions up.

Because I have no intention of meeting new people (however interesting/inspiring/motivating), or going to new restaurants or taking my family to some wonderful location that you think we might enjoy.

The reason is I have spent the first half of my life like a marionette on a string, a social butterfly going to all the ‘in’ functions, and met all the interesting people I have ever dreamed of meeting. One more at this stage would only burden me, so I have no need for new friends. And all the places we want to visit are our family places, places that we have left behind when we moved to Asia. Our greatest joy is rediscovering home.

Right now, at 46 and living quietly on a sweet little island, I am happy with my life as it is. I don’t want more. I am happy with the humble restaurants I find along the way, I am happy with my local beaches, and I am happy with my quiet life of precious few friends. I cherish the space and time and isolation I have found in my life. There is no need for me to add more: the open spaces and free time is simply exquisite, time devoted to our youngest child. We do want to journey inwards.  Because we travel, to come home.


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